Our Reputation

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the results that Whitaker/Ellis has been able to achieve on the concrete for Multnomah Station Apartments. The W/E team did a great job coordinating expectations before the project, providing full-scale mockups and running a robust pre-construction meeting. With great preparation came a wonderful outcome as they went above and beyond on the boardform concrete, utilizing actual boards for formwork instead of a liner, reducing air bubbles, and patching anchorage points with great skill. W/E’s hard work has helped bring the project intent into reality.”
- Artur Grochowski,
Architect,                                        SERA Design

"The quality of the both the floors and the curbs were as good as I see anywhere. Our team has been happy with your responsiveness and adherence to the schedule.  You are a valued partner on this project and we hope to have future projects in the area so that we can team up again."
- Burke Hansen,
Owner,                                        Hansen Rice Inc.

"As a general contractor with a superb safety record ourselves and a passionate commitment to safety on all our projects, Whitaker/Ellis’ Red Vest program stands out amongst A+ contractors as a highly successful and respected safety initiative."
- Demetra Star,
Corporate Safety Manager,
Fortis Construction, Inc.

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding performance and cooperation from the Whitaker /Ellis team. Throughout the project and especially today. It was a relief to see the army of men that showed up ready and willing to do whatever was asked of them.  The gentlemen understood the urgency of the situation and the tasks ahead. With that attitude and the coordination of your team, they all put their heads down and went to work. We were able to complete all of the trench preparation and the niche covers installation in 8 hrs. The site is clean and ready for concrete on Monday morning."
- Jerrod Akey,
General Superintendent,
Abide International Inc.

"I would like to join in commending Whitaker Ellis for your fine example of hard work and willingness to do what it takes to get a job done with sense of urgency and pride in your craft.  The quality of your work is the best I have seen in the industry and the quality of your people equally the best.  It is obvious this culture comes from the top down."
- Vince Jarak,
Senior Project Manager,
Abide International Inc.

"I would like to say thank you to your crew, office, and especially your superintendent for the fantastic job they are doing here at our project! Their safety is top notch, very professional, and their work is clean and proficient. They work well with other subcontractors and coordinate and communicate well with us.  If I had it my way I would have your superintendent on every one of my projects! I look forward to working with your team again!"
- Jake Yamanoha,
LMC Construction

"You guys did an outstanding job for us at The Springs at Lake Oswego and we appreciate it."
- Brent Schafer,
Todd Construction, Inc.

“At the Courtyard at Mount Tabor I was very happy with the performance and engagement of the Whitaker/Ellis team.  [The Project Manager’s] attention to detail and willingness to discuss issues/changes to help better process these changes in a timely manner with the ownership group was exceptional. [He] was honest in his discussions with me and knowledgeable about the trade and specific scope of the project. [He] always kept an even temperament despite some sticky situations. I would be happy to work with W/E…in the future.”
- Micah Stout,
Project Manager,
R&H Construction

Concrete Services 

Our Team

Our clients rely on the entire staff of Whitaker/Ellis to work with them towards the successful completion of their project.  They feel confident that the Whitaker/Ellis team has the flexibility and extensive background to adjust to revisions in the design and deal with any issues that may arise.  Our customers know we are always available to answer their questions and hold ourselves accountable.  

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can help you on your next concrete project.

Professional and Courteous

Every project is executed by the most experienced and well trained craftsmen in the industry using the latest technology and techniques.  Our most valuable resources are our people who are carefully chosen from the ranks of skilled construction professionals. They are fostered with support and training. Our reputation is built around the professional capabilities of our people and their drive to be the best.

In-house CAD Detailer to Resolve Design Conflicts Early

Having a CAD expert on the Whitaker/Ellis team to continually detail and review constructability is invaluable to the process.  As problems arise, adjustments can be made immediately, which saves time, money and stress for all involved. 

Professional Engineer on Staff

Our engineer will review and evaluate components of your project that offer the greatest opportunities for improving constructibility and reducing costs. Alternative solutions are analyzed and compared to the original design intent and recommendations are then made to the client.

On-site Project Management

Through rigorous attention to detail, our on-site project management team is able to keep all phases of construction moving in the right direction. Their daily supervision of all construction activities results in exemplary quality control and is instrumental to staying on schedule and within budget.  Problems can be dealt with immediately, minimizing costly delays in construction.

Electronic Instrumentation Building Layout

To err is human, which is why our team uses state of the art equipment for the building layout.  By making use of available technology, we are able to reduce labor costs and virtually eliminate errors in the layout process.  This is something all our clients are able to appreciate as it directly impacts the outcome of their project.

Accurate and Detailed Project Scheduling

The professionals at Whitaker/Ellis work closely with our clients to set reasonable goals and then develop the appropriate plan of action to bring those goals to fruition.  Our experience has taught us the discipline of adhering to the schedule, but that same experience has shown us how to be innovative when unforeseen circumstances arise.  It is the experienced team that is able to adapt and overcome the challenges and yet, still remain on schedule.

Design-Build Capabilities

The staff at Whitaker/Ellis offers the Design-Build method, which establishes a single point of responsibility and creates a cooperative team between the contractor and designer.  This approach saves considerable time and money and the team can be more responsive to issues that may surface during the project development.  It allows for faster completion at a substantial cost savings when compared to the traditional process of design-bid-build.

Conceptual Estimating

Whitaker/Ellis has the collective expertise to collaborate with you on the design and execution of your complex concrete construction. By analyzing the constructability of all concrete components within the structure at an early design stage we are able to assist in providing the most efficient design possible. We have the resources and know-how to make the most difficult concept a reality.